Born out of South East London’s vibrant music scene, the trio met during their first year at university, whilst studying on Goldsmiths’ acclaimed Popular Music degree. Arriving in London as teenagers with initially disparate musical tastes, their backgrounds in jazz, indie rock and hip-hop found common ground in Talmont, setting the blueprint for a uniquely far-reaching collaboration. Following three years of experimentation as part of their studies, the band’s identity now emerges fully formed, effortlessly mixing dream pop with sample-infused productions, intricate guitar lines and soaring vocals.
“It’s difficult to know where the Talmont sound came from” Jules tells us. “In a way it was always there… it’s the combination of us as people, musicians and friends.” At 19 years of age, Martha and Joe had a chance encounter with a member of the team for successful Youtube channel and record label Ont’ Sofa. After recording a session for the channel, there formed a close relationship between band and label and a development deal was signed. Through this platform they released their debut single ‘Buried in Gold’ in September 2016, receiving praise from BBC Introducing and national airplay, including a recommendation on the Tom Robinson 6 Music show. With comparisons being drawn between the likes of Radiohead and Massive Attack, and with several new singles waiting in the pipeline, Talmont’s one-of-a-kind sound faces an exciting future.